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Welcome to the web page of the Department of Applied Economics II (Estructura Económica) of the Universitat de València. The Department was first established in 1967. Currently, it comprises approximately 27 full-time academic staff engaged in teaching and research across a wide area of sub-disciplines within Economics. Our faculty includes several highly ranked specialists, and our research interests cover a wide range of fields in Economics. Furthermore, we benefit from a number of visitors from other departments, and from several part-time lecturers. Hiring and promotion follow competitive rules.

The Department offers high-quality, research-led undergraduate and postgraduate degree programmes. Our main research interests comprise Applied Economics and Econometrics with a special emphasis in International Economics, Industrial Organization and Regional Economics. A number of researchers of the Department are members of two Excellence Research Groups ( ERI-CES, INTECO) funded by the Generalitat Valenciana Prometeo Programme.

The Department of Applied Economics II (Estructura Económica) has a very active research life. We offer a series of specialized seminars along the academic course and several workshops. We continuously participate in many international meetings and conferences. All this research activity results in a large number of scientific publications in international journals, chapters in specialized books, a working papers series, and a number of articles in Spanish journals.


Working Papers

Long-run neutrality of money and inflation in Spanish economy, 1830-1998
Congregado, Emilio; Esteve García, Vicente

Has the Euro paid off? A study of the trade-induced welfare effects of the EMU
Esteve-Pérez, Silviano; Gil Pareja, Salvador; Llorca Vivero, Rafael; Paniagua, Jordi

50 years of capital mobility in the Eurozone: breaking the Feldstein-Horioka Puzzle
Camarero, Mariam; Muñoz, Alejandro; Tamarit, Cecilio



Electoral opportunism and water pricing with incomplete transfer of control rights
Suárez-Varela Maciá, Marta.

How do satisfaction and health shape the retirement behavior of self-employed and paid employees?
Justo González, Raquel.

How digitalization impacts employment: theoretical and policy challenges


Scientific Events