Andrés J.
Picazo Tadeo

Estructura Económica, Universitat de València

PhD in Economics, Universidat de València

Fields of interest
Environmental Economics, Agricultural Economics, Quantitative Methods

Selected publications

  • "Assessing environmental performance trends in the transport industry: eco-innovation or catching-up?". (with M. Beltrán-Esteve). Energy Economics: 570-580 [2015].

  • "An intertemporal approach to measuring environmental performance with directional distance functions: Greenhouse gas emissions in the European Unión.". (with J. Castillo-Giménez, M. Beltrán-Esteve). Ecological Economics: 173-182 [2014].

  • "Eco-Efficiency and Convergence in OCDE Countries.". (with M. Camarero, J. Castillo-Giménez, C. Tamarit). Environmental & Resource Economics., 1: 87-106 [2013].

  • "Do ideological and political motives really matter in the public choice of local services management? Evidence from urban water services in Spain’.". (with F. Gónzalez-Gómez, A. Ruiz-Villaverde, J. Guardiola). Public Choice: 215-228 [2012].

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