Hernández Sancho

Associate professor
Estructura Económica, Universitat de València

PhD in Economics, Universidat de València

Fields of interest
Regional Economics, Agricultural Policy; Economic Integration

Selected publications

  • "Environmental Performance: An Index Number Approach ". (with R. Färe, S. Grosskopf). Resource and Energy Economics, 26 : 343-352 [2004].

  • "Direccional Distance Functions and Environmental Regulation ". (with A. Picazo, E. Reig-Martínez). Resource and Energy Economics, 27 : 131-142 [2005].

  • "The social benefits of restoring water quality in the context of the Water Framework Directive: A comparison of willingness to pay and willingness to accept". (with S. del-Saz, R. Sala). Science of the Total Environment , 407: 4574-4583 [2009].

Tel: +34 963828336
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