Vicent E.
Soler i Marco

Professor -RETIRED-
Estructura Económica, Universitat de Valčncia

PhD in Economics, Universidat de Valčncia

Fields of interest
Economic Growth, Regional and urban economics, Valencian Economy

Selected publications

  • "Productive efficiency and territorial externalities in small and medium-sized industrial firms: a dynamic analysis of the District Effect". (with F. Hernández, V. Almenar, R. Sala)., 2: 179-192 [2012].

  • "Growth patterns and spatial dynamics of population and employment in local labour markets: An analysis for Spain". (with M. Ruiz). Nova Science Publishers, New York. [2011].

  • "La misurazione delle economie esterne Marshalliane attraverso i modelli DEA ". (with F. Hernández). Sviluppo Locale, 16: 86-105 [2001].

  • "El impacto de los fondos estructurales europeos en la Comunidad Valenciana: 2000-2006". (with S. Gil)., 123: 239-253 [2010].

Tel: +34 963828340
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