García Menéndez

Professor -RETIRED-
Estructura Económica, Universitat de València

PhD in Economics, Universidat de València

Fields of interest
Economía marítima y portuaria. Costes de transporte y comercio. Logística

Selected publications

  • "Modelling mode choice for freight transport using advanced choice experiments". (with A. Arencibia, M. Feo, C. Román). Policy and Practice : Transportation Research Part A [2015].

  • "Port expansión and negative externalities: A willingness to accept approach". (with S. del-Saz). Maritime Policy & Management [2015].

  • "Rail freight transport and demand requierements: an analysis of attribute cut-offs through a stated preference experiment". (with M. Feo, S. del-Saz). Transportation [2014].

  • "The nonmarket benefits of redeveloping dockland areas for recreational purposes: the case of Castellón, Spain". (with S. del-Saz). Environment and Planning A, 35: 2115-2129 [2003].

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