Juan Alberto
Sanchis Llopis

Estructura Económica, Universitat de València

PhD in Economics, University College LondonAssociate Professor, University of Valencia). Acreditado Cátedrático 2015

Fields of interest
Industrial Organization, Applied Econometrics, Individual behavior

Selected publications

  • "The impact of the great recession on TFP convergence among EU countries.". (with M. Añón, J. Mañez, M. Rochina, A. Sanchis). Economic Letters, 25: 393-396 [2018].

  • "Product and process innovation and total factor productivity: Evidence for manufacturing in four Latin-American countries.". (with M. Demmel, J. Mañez, M. Rochina). Review of Development Economics, 21: 1341-1363 [2017].

  • "Total factor productivity, domestic knowledge accumulation and international knowledge spillover in the second half of the twentieth century". (with M. Sanchis, V. Esteve, A. Cubel). Cliometrica., 9: 209-233 [2015].

  • "The Determinants of R&D persistence in SMEs.". (with J. Mañez, A. Sanchis). Small Business Economics, 3: 505-528 [2015].

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