Paniagua Soriano

Assistant Professor
Estructura Económica, Universitat de València

MSc. in Telecommunication Engineering, Polytechnic University of Valencia, 2000
Diplomarbeit, Hochschule für Telekommunikation Leipzig, 2000
MSc. in Economics, National Distance Education University (UNED), 2008
MSc. in Academic Research, Catholic University of Valencia, 2011
Ph.D. in Economics (cum laude), Catholic University of Valencia, 2012
Thesis Title: “Essays on FDI. The flavors of Gravity”
Advisors: S. Gil-Pareja and R. Llorca (UV), J. Sapena (UCV)

Fields of interest
International Economics: gravity models of FDI, trade, migration
International Business: Social media networking

Selected publications

  • "Is energy market integration a Green light for FDI?". [2017].

  • "Does International Commercial Arbitration Promote Foreign Direct Investment?.". The Journal of Law and Economics, 59: 597-627 [2016].

  • "Sovereign debt spreads in EMU : The time-varying role of fundamentals and market distrust.". (with J. Sapena, C. Tamarit). [2017].

  • "Crossing borders with social media: Online social networks and FDI.". European Management Journal, 3: 314-326 [2017].

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