Feo Valero

Associate professor
Estructura Económica, Universitat de València

PhD in Economics, Universitat de València

Fields of interest
Transport Economics, Freight Transport Modelling, Discrete Choice Models, Stated Preferences

Selected publications

  • "Shippers vs. freight forwarders: Do they differ in their port choice decisions? Evidence from the Spanish ceramic tile industry". (with J. Martínez). Research in Transportation Economics 95 [2022].

  • "The Value of Time in Freight Transport.". (with A.. ). UK: Elsevier Ltd., 3: 236-241 [2021].

  • "Measuring innovation in tourism from the Schumpeterian and the dynamic-capabilities perspectives". (with C. Camisón, V. Monfort)., 4: 776-789 [2021].

  • "The potential impact of Brexit on Ireland’s demand for shipping". (with A.. , R. Espino)., 71: 1-13 [2018].

Tel: +34 963825427
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