María Concepción
Feo Valero

Assistant Professor
Estructura Económica, Universitat de València

Doctora, Universitat de València, 2009

Fields of interest
Economía del Transporte

Selected publications

  • "Valuing Freight Transport Time Using Transport Demand Modelling: A Bibliographical Review.". (with L. García, R. Garrido)., 5: 625-652 [2011].

  • "The Importance Of The Inland Leg Of Containerised Maritime Shipments: An Analysis Of Modal Choice Determinants In Spain". (with L. García, L. Saez, S. Furió).: 446-460 [2011].

  • "An Stated Preference Analysis Of Spanish Freight Forwarders Modal Choice On The South-West Europe Motorway Of The Sea". (with R. Espino, L. García).: 60-67 [2011].

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