Melguizo Cháfer

Assistant Professor
Estructura Económica, Universitat de València

PhD in Economics, University of Barcelona (Spain)

Fields of interest
Regional economics, Labour economics, Migration, Spatial Econometrics, Time Series

Selected publications

  • "Minimum wages on youth employment: a spatial analysis". (with R. Ramos, J. López-Tamayo). Applied Spatial Analysis and Policy [2021].

  • "What drives migration moves to urban areas in Spain? Evidence from the Great Recession". (with V. Royuela). Regional Studies , 12: 1680-1693 [2020].

  • "An analysis of Okun’s law for the Spanish provinces". Review of Regional Research , 1: 59-90 [2017].

  • "Effective Leadership in Teams: a Simple Model". (with A. Cunyat). Applied Economics Letters, 16: 1459-1461 [2013].

Tel: 963828922
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